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Central Hyrule

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Once the site of a great temple to Hylia, and also once an excavation site, the Great Plateau now stands as a monument to many ages past. A few people in Hyrule village got a team together and built a large stair case spiraling up the side of the plateau, leading from top to bottom, making it accessible to just about everything.
Lunch is So Much Gloomier With That Castle There / Netune by Netune Apr 24, 2021 20:28:31 GMT -8
100 years after the fall of Calamity Ganon, this little settlement has finally evolved into a bustling little trading center built over what was once the ruins of Castle Town. It sits in the shadow as a grim reminder of what happened and those who lost their lives.
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A Lunch Time Social (open) by Ezekiel Griswold Apr 23, 2021 1:52:48 GMT -8
Grass grows tall in this large, open fields. It's now free of the guardians that once stalked it as well, thanks to the Guardian clean up. Feel free to adventure around! Just be careful of the occasional, lurking monster.
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A Mysterious mountain with an ever constant blooming cherry blossom and a pristine spring. On rare nights, a brilliant, mystical blue light can be seen coming from the top of it...


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This little fishing town has stayed little. They're simple and they like it. The quiet life of the coast appeals to these people and they're more than happy to deliver salted fish to the trading post and help out the passing traveler as well!
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Dense and rainy, navigating through this monster riddled forest can be a real chore. Humidity reigns supreme here, and it's advised to bring a jacket or get very used to walking around as a living puddle. You'll either have a really nice day, or a really bad... soaking wet... uncomfortable and sticky day.
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Hidden away from sight all these years, mostly due to their odd placement away from the bend of the Dracozu river in the dead center of Bronas Forest, the main reason the Deku couldn't be found was because of how good they are at hiding. It never took much for them to be able to disappear into the foliage around them, so when they came forth and presented themselves to mankind, people were absolutely astonished as to how fast they had began constructing their village, as well as how wary they were to the land around them. Little huts built securely around trees, a little ways off the ground, provide Deku a safe and dry place to stay. This little village is the largest Deku settlement known by anyone and everyone in Hyrule, and many assume that it's really the only one. Even the Deku claim that it's the only real settlement, that the rest of their race is nomadic. Most everyone is welcome here, but anyone seen disrupting nature is likely to draw negative attention from the earth loving locals!


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Hot is an understatement, even the Goron here occasionally comment on the heat. Most of the city is still miner town, but there are still some places to rest your head if you ever find yourself needing a nap near a volcano.
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This hot, volcanic terrain is incredibly difficult for travelers to navigate on. Anything that isn't a Goron has to stop at a certain trail marker unless they want to die by heat. Without the proper armor, they're stuck just viewing the mountain at the foot of the great, rocky beast.
A Forest Plea [Daruhan] by Netune Apr 18, 2021 22:20:17 GMT -8
Here, the lost woods and the mysterious Thyphlo ruins can be found here. The area is relatively dangerous, considering the two forests that take up most of the valley, tread with caution. None who have ventured into the Lost Woods has seen anything other than the ruined gateway and fog, and those that adventure into the Thyphlo ruins usually come out changed people, either muttering or reveling in what they had seen creeping in the edges of their light in the darkened and twisted forest. Beware of the bogs...


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This pure, blue and shining area is home to one of the greatest Zora structures known to pretty much every race. Zora architects work diligently to preserve and maintain their home. It may be a little slick here for those that aren't used to water, so watch your step.
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The land in Lanayru varies greatly, but one thing is consistent. The tall cliffs. Surrounding Mount Lanayru is a broad, open expanse of jagged rocks, lush forests and a multitude of streams, rivers, ponds and lakes. The monsters here aren't as bad as most places, but they can still be a pain. Always remember to keep your head about you.
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Almost as frigid as the peaks of Hebra, Mt. Lanayru stands as a test to anyone who would dare climb it. Full of monsters once again, it makes a dangerous trail, but a beautiful one for those that wish to adventure there.


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This island has yet to be touched by any kind of real humanity, and most humans and zora that bother even going to it find themselves faced with large tides, monsters and a small, harsh jungle. No one has bothered trying to reap any benefits from the island and not many others have bothered all the work to get out there, so it remains mostly untouched.
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The hometown of the Sheikah, nestled in a valley between some mountains and bountiful springs. This quiet little town usually doesn't show much of it's face, but the people here are friendly, unless you seem to be lacking in the manners department. They're the quickest to call you out for being a jerk and they don't like to be stepped on. Be respectful.
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A small little town made up of mostly hylians sits awfully close to the Lanayru region. A quiet little farming town mostly, they prefer to keep to themselves due to the high density of monsters in the area.
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The rolling hills of Necluda are full of wild life and monsters. As far as the eye can see, it's rolling hills and the twin peaks off in the distance, depending on where you stand. Stay on your guard and enjoy the fresh air. You can even try catching one of the wild horses here if you think you're good enough.


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The fields of Akkala are much safer now that the guardian clean up has gone through. Though the citadel is still home to many monsters, and giants roam the valleys on either side of the road, Akkala stands as a pretty good test to those that want to test their strength against numerous monsters.


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Tall and cold, yet not quite as cold as the peaks of Hebra's tallest mountain, this chilly plateau is just as difficult to live in as Hebra. Completely uninhabitable to humans, this place is a dangerous travel. You can take the low roads near the sheer cliffs, but they're covered snow and ice as well, and pose numerous dangers to travelers.
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Females only! ... and Gorons. This town is very exclusive about who can enter. Any men that try to enter will promptly be thrown out by the ever vigilant guards and directed to Kara Kara Bazaar via a rough kick in the rear in and a Naginata pointing towards Kara Kara's rock formation.
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Kara Kara Bazaar is a small extension of Gerudo town that actually allows men inside the tiny little hole it's in. It's relatively cooler here, and a small oasis can help quench the thirst of any weary traveler that winds up here.
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The wastelands are hot, sandy, full of monsters and difficult to navigate. Frequent sand storms ripple in the far reaches of the wasteland, obscuring the vision of most. The heat is also much more intense out here, making it difficult for anyone who isn't a Gerudo or a Goron to navigate the deep sands. Remember to walk on the crest of the dunes, if your character knows that skill... and bring plenty of water.
Yiga NPCs/Wanted Ads by Daxton Jan 30, 2018 21:37:43 GMT -8
Anyone who enters this place that is not a Yiga is either incredibly brave, or of a total lacking of brains. This place is crawling with powerful, talented, albeit a little dumb, warriors. They don't take to intruders kindly, and no one that has gone in has made it out to talk about it. No one is sure it exists, because the hideout itself is so heavily protected by hidden Yiga.


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Built around a tall pillar of stone, Rito village is a testament to time and weather. Still in wonderful condition, the bird people pride themselves on their home land, not minding the nip in the air at all. They're a kind race, and are more than happy to lend a wing to travelers that need a place to rest.
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Storms are incredibly frequent in this area, and lightning strikes seem to occur at an almost supernatural level when it's raining. More towards the Rito Village though, across the bridge, it's a wonderful mix of small mountain peaks and pine trees scattered across the landscape. It's cold, but definitely worth the trip.


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Hebra is the coldest known place in Hyrule. It's frigid mountains are near impossible to climb without help, and simply traversing the snow fields to the side of the road is incredibly difficult. The snow is deep and the ice is thick, there's almost always a snowstorm going on. Be sure to come prepared, or don't come at all. Because Summer, Spring or fall, this will truly be a hike to test the strongest of men.

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